December 26, 2019

The Get Rich Quick Million Pound Property Challenge

Get rich quick, is it possible?

Let’s be honest, building a multi-million pound property portfolio or a successful, profitable business is hard work.

I’ve been on the grind since I was 15 years old performing as an entertainer for childrens parties. The cash I made at a young age was saved and invested back into my business and into property. 17 years later I have managed to build a businesses than employes over 400 people and a large portfolio of properties.

I’m not telling you this to flex my ego but to explain why I was intrigued to find out about some creative finance options that have been floating about the internet.

A couple months ago I had property investor Nathan Winch on my podcast and he was telling me how he managed secure 38 properties in 6 months with hardly any money. I wasn’t entirely convinced so Nathan decided to prove it.

Is it possible to secure £1,000,000 worth of property in just a matter of weeks with hardly any cash up front??

This is The Get Rich Quick Million Pound Property Challenge

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