November 26, 2019

How to Find Negative Keywords in Adwords

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Adwords and PLAs

In this video I’m gonna show you three ways to find negative keywords for your AdWords campaign and this is a crucial step a lot of people
forget about this step a lot of people don’t add any negative keywords to their campaigns which is just a big mistake and this video this is actually an example from the AdWords and product listing ads course that I just launched you can click up here to find out more information or down below but let’s get right into it. So the three different techniques I’m gonna show you step by step how to use all these I’m gonna do a little screen share here in just a second I’ll show you how to use all these and the three different techniques are number one uber suggests number two the keyword planner and number three is actually using your own data actually reviewing your campaigns and this is number three is the most powerful way I’d say number two is the most common way most people know about number two and then number one Uber suggests it’s probably my favorite way if you want to find a lot of negative keywords before you spend a dollar uBersuggests is the best and the keyword planner is number two but number three option actually finding negative keywords from your own data which I’ll show you how to do is it’s extremely powerful in the sense that you’re you you can guarantee that you’re wasting money on these and it’s a good way to make sure you’re not wasting any more money and I’ll show you how to do all three of these in this video the first way to find negative keywords in one of my favorite ways is ubersuggest and this is a real like a nice trick you can just google ubersuggest or go to over suggest dot IO and this is actually different version of ubersuggest than I used in the past.

Let me show you what it does if you type in nut butter basically what it’s doing is it scraping Google for this information let me show you. So if you type in nut butter into Google you’ll see the most commonly searched for things type in the letter A you’ll see all the most commonly typed in things with the with an a coming afterwards B C D and it takes all that data in it gives it to you in a very convenient form. So we see here a B seen a ABC butter about peanut butter all natural peanut butter but this isn’t exactly what I wanted oh okay it’s because I had the Google Keyword planner also checked let’s do it without that all right almond nut butter one kilogram. So I start finding some negative keywords and you can click this next to it because almond for me doesn’t describe my product at all best nut butter 2015 mmm I’d say maybe the 2015 would be Blendtec because I don’t have anything to do with Blendtec people looking for Blendtec nut butter jar are probably looking for recipes or something like that butternut 50-150. So one thing I might do is make an exact or make a phrase match of butter nuts a negative keyword because anyone typing in the word butter nut is looking for something different than nut butter butter nut this this kirbys whatever butternut squash I probably use butternut as a negative keyword let’s see what else do you have here I mean I could just go on and on and once you’re done once you’ve clicked as many as you can and there’s a few different pages what you can do is export to CSV let me show you it’ll come up. So you’ll get this information here and you can go through and you can just delete everything that except for the things a one-kilogram actually would also be a negative keyword. So for me 2015 I don’t that’s a negative keyword blendtec that’s a negative keyword butternut is a negative keyword phrase and then this Durban team that’s butternut and squash I’ll make both those a negative keywords and ultimately you can save this file and use it and add it to your Adwords the next thing we’re gonna look at is the Google Adwords Keyword planner.

So go ahead and log in here and once you’re logged in you’ll see the geek the keyword planner up in the top right go up to this tools and then keyword planner and you’ll see it here. So this is one of the more common ways that people find negative keywords I think it’s good it’ll help you find things you never would have thought about let’s go start over I just go search for new keywords nut butter good ideas and right off the bat you can start adding them over here. So almond butter peanut butter organic is not a keyword I use cashew butter is good maker.
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