November 15, 2019

How to Get Rich In The Next Market Crash | Take Action TODAY!!! -Robert Kiyosaki

Why The Rich Are Waiting for the Next Crash

Hint: It’s actually the best time to buy real estate

Have you ever noticed how people are constantly worried about the next real estate bubble? It’s a frequent news headline and a topic we are often asked about. Yet, our response when someone asks if one is imminent almost always catches the person off guard: “We sure hope so!” Seriously, their looks of bewilderment never get old. Yeah, you heard me right. We love market crashes. Why?

Market crashes can be the best time to buy, because people are so panicked and focused on selling that they’re far more likely to make you a better deal.

We continue to invest even though the threat of another bubble keeps looming. But we’re more like hibernating bears, waiting for the party to end. What are you going to do to increase your financial education today? Will you be ready—and more importantly, willing—to jump on investment opportunities when the next crash happens? You can start the process by learning other secrets the rich use to get richer at

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