November 7, 2019

Pay Less Per Click

Lots of books have been written about how to manage pay per click campaigns. This is not one of them. This book tells you how to avoid having to manage one, yet still get all the benefits of this powerful marketing tool. Pay Less Per Click is for people who want to succeed at search engine marketing without personally doing the hard work or spending a fortune on Internet marketing experts. This book gives you a good shortcut. Like all “good” shortcuts, our aim is to take you where you want to go without spending extra money or sacrificing results. For over 20 years I operated a full-service advertising agency. I worked with hundreds of clients and utilized about every kind of marketing tool you could imagine, from direct mail to television to outdoor to newsletters. At one time I had 10 employees. One day I put a client on Google Adwords_, those small, three-line text ads on search engines. You only pay when someone clicks to your website. Then I put another client on Google Adwords, then several more. Soon I realized that I was able to get far better results for my clients all by myself using Google Adwords than with all my employees using a full arsenal of marketing tools. I never looked back. While paying only when you get a click sounds good, the other side of that coin is that a click costs money. A click is not really a lead, it’s just a visit to a website. I realized it would be great if there were a way to reduce clicks from less effective searches and focus on those keywords most likely to result in a lead. Then I discovered BlueRaptor, a technology that made it easy to put my advertisers not just on Google, but on all the major search engines with a single campaign. It alsotracked actual leads! Not just clicks, but phone calls, email requests, downloadsany action taken by prospects! This was a major improvement! Since real leads could be tracked, it was also possible to see which keywords were producing leads! Ad dollars could be focused to give my advertisers their best possible return on investment. Not being a big risk taker when it comes to my clients’ money, I gradually moved clients, one at a time, from my personal management of their Google Adwords campaign to BlueRaptor’s computerized management system. Every one of my clients improved their resultsmost saw dramatic improvements. They got more clicks for their money; we could track results and we even got contact information for most all of the leads. You’ve probably never heard of BlueRaptor. But it’s time you did. This guide will help you successfully utilize this incredible shortcut to pay per click advertising.

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