October 24, 2019

10 Ways To Create Great Google AdWords Text Ads – Improve Google Ad Clicks and Quality Score

Discover 10 Ways To Create Great Google AdWords Ads – Improve Google Ad Clicks and Quality Score. Learn how to create good Google AdWords expanded text ads and responsive search ads to improve your ad relevancy, ad quality, Click-Through Rate, and quality score.

We tell you everything you need to know to create Google AdWords ads that will stand out from your competitors. Ads that stand out will receive more Google Ad Clicks and it will ultimately help your Google AdWords ad relevancy and quality scores.

10 Ways To Create Great Google AdWords Search Ads:

1 – Organize Your Google AdWords Campaign

You need to separate out your keywords and group them into ad groups.

2 – 3 Ads Per Ad Group

Google will automatically optimize your Google AdWords ads when you create multiple ads per ad group. They will serve the most relevant ad that drives the best results.

3 – Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word

Capitalization is proven to help get you more Google ad clicks.

4 – Use Ad Group Keywords In Your Google AdWords Ads

Use ad group keywords in your Google AdWords ads so that every search matches better to the ad and the landing page.

5 – Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads

Dynamic keyword insertion is one of the best ways to match search query to advertisement, because it will insert the targeted keyword that matched the search query into your Google advertisement.

6 – Use Countdown Google Ads

Countdown ads help create urgency to improve your click-through rate and to help drive more conversions on your website.

7 – Complete All Ad Fields, Use Expanded Text Ads, and Use Responsive Search Ads

You want to make sure you fill out every field in your ad to match them as best as possible to the search query.

8 – Use Campaign-Level Ad Extensions

Campaign-level ad extensions like Structured Snippets, Call Extensions, Message Extensions, and more will help your overall ad. In addition, ad extensions increase the size of your ad, leading to a better CTR.

9 – Use Ad Group Level Ad Extensions

Ad Group Level Sitelink extensions, callout extensions, and more will help improve your ad relevancy to every single search. Ad Group ad extensions will help you have a better ad than your competitors.

10 – Create New Ad Groups For Better Targeting

You need to group your keywords and even consider single keyword ad groups when creating Google Ads campaigns.

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