October 22, 2019

Allan Holdsworth – Funnels Lesson & Tutorial plus Bonus Analysis

Rick Beato Holdsworthian Bitonalism link:

Rick Beato Sounding Off with Steve Hunt link:

Allan Holdsworth – Funnels Lesson & Tutorial

Lesson – 1:46
Alternate chord voicings – 13:46
Quick playthru – 20:09
Analysis of outside section – 22:30

Hey guys! Here’s a new video for ya. This time I tackle Funnels. Since the song is relatively short and simple, I decided to go a bit more in depth with alternate voicings to make the song simpler, and an analysis of that ‘outside’ section that could be pretty intimidating. I took some video of Rick Beato’s interview with Steve Hunt and included it in this video to help clear things up. Also if you wanted to learn more about those kinds of slash chords mentioned in the song, there’s also a link to Ricks awesome video about it. Thanks also to my friend Marc Lambert for double checking and helping me. You rule!

Some of you also might take some issue with some of the chord names. I figured I would add I did not take the bass note into consideration and only focus on the chords. I also tried to give the chord the most straightforward name I can, even if functionally it might not be correct.

Also, let me know what other songs you would like to see! For those that do not know, I have written a book that lists and arranges chords used by Allan. In doing that I have transcribed over 50 of his tunes. If you really dig these videos, drop me a like or a subscribe. Thanks!

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