September 26, 2019

अमीर बनने का UNIQUE तरीका | How To Get Rich | Zorba The Zen

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In This Video, Zorba The Zen Is Telling About | How To Become Rich | What Is The Meaning Of Being Rich | Negative Money Mindset | Advice About Getting Rich | Quality To Be a Rich | How To Get Rich | Meditation For Rich Mindset | Zorba The Zen

About The Channel-
‘Zorba The Zen’ is a channel run with the sole purpose of helping people to gain skills for achieving success in life. It highlights ways to improve concentration, develop positive attitude and achieve goals through short motivational stories, meditation techniques, spiritual talks and life advices.

We specifically aim to help students and people who are disheartened or demotivated in life by guiding them through positivity, self-improvement and rejuvenating their mind-set.

About the Speaker-
” Mr. Puneet Jindal is the Chief Marketing Officer & Chief Operating Officer at AAFT University of Media and Arts. He has also been chairing Marwah Studios, Radio Noida, Asian Education Group (AEG), AAFT, Noida as CMO & COO since 2012 ” .

He has trained more than 1 million people through his fruitful and powerful motivational sessions on topics like Meditation, Financial Freedom, Study Tips, Business Tips, Money Tips and more.

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