September 7, 2019

Enrolling in Network Marketing: Going Wide vs Going Deep

There’s typically going to be two, three, maybe four people that contribute to most of your income, but in many cases, it’s only two or three.

The question is how do you find the two or three?

The misconception I think that a lot of people have is they’re constantly hunting for the two to three.

What I’ve realize is you never freakin’ know who’s going to go out and take action. You never know who the leader is going to be.

If you’re new to our profession, going wide is personally enrolling a lot of people.

Going deep is digging down. You enroll someone who enrolls someone, who enrolls someone, who enrolls someone.

Do you go wide and enroll a lot of people?

Some people will say that’s throwing mud up against a wall and seeing what sticks.

That’s one philosophy.

The other philosophy is do you sponsor just a few people and really work and tap root?

Tap rooting is working in-depth, leader under a leader, under a leader, under a leader.

Here’s the reality.

Both! You got to do both.

If you don’t go wide and enroll 10 people, 15 people, or 20 people, just working in-depth, what you teach your organization is you only have to enroll 10, 15, 20 people and everyone’s working. Everyone’s managing their group.

If you only go deep, your whole group goes into management mode and you have no production and it dies off.

It dies off either way.

That’s why you have to go wide and you have to go deep.

People call me and say, “Man, my group is using me so much. I can’t go personally enroll people.”

You should be enrolling more. You’re out doing meetings and calls so invite your own personal prospects to the meeting and the call.

It is an excuse when you stay in management mode.

There’s no excuse for not going wide and not going deep. You can do both but it’s a mindset.

You have to be in abundance, not scarcity.

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Matt Morris
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