August 26, 2019

Network Marketing Tips – 3 MUST HAVE Leadership Skills

Let’s talk about leadership in network marketing

Specifically, the three components that determine leadership effectiveness.

Listen, I’ve discovered these components of leadership in network marketing to be true after 24 years as an entrepreneur…

Building sales teams…

Sculpting organizations and working with well over a million customers (a lot of those customers becoming Millionaires)…

And becoming a multi-millionaire myself.

I’ll tell you leadership is definitely not an inborn skill or ability I was born with.

I don’t know of anything that I can look to that says, “Wow, he’s naturally talented”.

Some people are naturally talented with the Gift of Gab,

Or they really care about people and are intuitive…

…But for me? I never really felt I had a talent.

If I did it would probably be that I am amazingly determined.

I wasn’t determined to be the best athlete…

Wasn’t determined to make the best grades…

But when I became an entrepreneur and I got immersed in the world of personal development, I got very determined to succeed in business.

The 3 Components of leadership in network marketing:

Number 1: Internal Mastery

Essentially, self-mastery.

Your ability to succeed and your ability to be a great leader. Your inner game. If you don’t master your mind, you can’t master anything in the outer world. Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world.

You cannot lead other people effectively unless you can actually lead yourself.

Component 2: External Mastery

The ability to execute on the things that you need to execute on.

You must do your due diligence to become the top 1% of your field.

Component 3: Your relationships and influence

Your ability to motivate people…

To solidify relationships and care about others – putting them first.

You must be able to move people and cause other people to do things that are in THEIR best interests… not your own.

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Matt Morris
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How To Become A Sought After Leader In Network Marketing



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