August 11, 2019

Advertising to Baby Boomers

Using familiar examples, Nyren advises how to change prescription drug advertising, discusses planned retirement communities and the ways that they can be made more appealing to maturing consumers, and more importantly, offers valuable advice on the advertising of general consumer goods and services. Exploding the myth that Baby Boomers just want to retreat to their younger years, Nyren explains that Boomers are not hung up on age. “Who actually thinks about his or her age all the time, or even very often?” he asks. “Contrary to social commentators, the media, and certainly advertising agencies, most of the time we are who we are: people in our middle age, and not much different but a little different than other generations were in their middle ages. We’re not jumping in mosh pits while juggling cans of soda, trying to be eighteen again.

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