July 25, 2019

Network Marketing में इन जैसे Concepts पर काम कर रही Companies अब Illegal हैं

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Network marketing as a concept:
1. Can be good,
2. Can be bad or,
3. It can be ugly
It totally depends on the company how they are using this concept. What values they are adding into the world or into the life of the promoters? Are they just selling dreams? Are their products are worth the price people are paying for them? What is the success rate of people earning in that company should also be considered. Problem is that these facts are kept hidden from people in almost all the direct selling companies:
1. 90 percent people earns zero (Average of top 100 network marketing companies)
2. 8 percent earns normal living
3. 2 percent earns huge
So direct selling is WORST as in no sector it happens that 90 percent or more earns nothing. Also it is the BEST as 2 percent here earns more than any other sector jobs in the world.
So we can say network marketing or direct selling concept can be WORST as well as the BEST. We should only join companies who are selling the products at a price which can be justified without network marketing as well

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