July 13, 2019

You Want To Get Rich? Then Learn This Skill… [Investing 2019]

The Most Important Lesson Of YOUR LIFE – The Wealth Triangle:

Hey Bulldogs! John Sonmez from Bulldog Mindset Here, where I teach you how to go from the Victim Mindset to the Bulldog Mindset, how to be a man and how to become the best version of yourself, financially, physically, mentally and socially!

Today’s topic is extremely important when it comes to building wealth, in fact it’s so ridiculously important that you legitimately cannot think about making huge financial success and becoming rich unless you learn how implement it, and that’s INVESTING!

Yes you heard me, investing or investment call it what you want. Even though it is extremely critical to your financial success and becoming rich, people don’t really give it nearly as much importance.

Even with coaching clients or people I know they don’t give nearly as much importance to investing as they must do, the usual excuse they have is that they would rather focus on making money and hiring someone else to do the investing for them.

Which is completely utter of nonsense.

If you’re willing to go into LITERALLY DECADES of schooling and training to get a job and get stable income, why don’t you learn how to invest money? whether be it in real estates, businesses, start ups etc…

It’s true that with time passing the compound interest will make you rich BUT it will take decades and we don’t have that time. So the next best solution is learning how amplify money by INVESTING IT. Making you not only increase the value of your money day after day but also being able to grow it and enjoy at a relatively short period of time.

I do agree that compounding or compound interest does work, but still it depends on the initial capital that initiate the compounding.

There are more things I’ll go in depth on in this video about compounding, but to get to my point fast if everything aligned perfectly and you got your safe compound interest going for over 30 years, it’s nothing. You need to command the market, you need to learn how to control the outcomes of your financial destiny, you need to get 10% 15% 20% return each and every year, you need to master the money game, you need to LEARN HOW TO INVEST.

You do have some time, so instead of letting it go passively you’ve to invest it, you’ve to learn how to invest in order to free your time so you can live the life you want.

Investing isn’t just about real estates or businesses but in the long run it’s about the freedom and choices you can have.

Anyways guy’s, that it from me for today, make sure you watch the video, the Wealth triangle and start learning how to invest your money properly!

As for me I shall see you in the next video!

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