June 13, 2019

Robert Kiyosaki’s Formula To Get Rich – Millennial Money

Ever wonder why the rich don’t pay any taxes?

If so, you’re not alone and today we’re going to give you the answer through Robert Kioysaki’s formula to get rich.

Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) has spent the better part of the last decade teaching the principles of his rich dad to millions of people around the world.

Through simple charts and diagrams like the CASHFLOW Quadrant and the personal financial statement, Robert has managed to simplify complex financial concepts into useful educational tools.

For example, Robert uses the CASHFLOW Quadrant to help explain the different ways people make money.

Read about it here:

On the left side of the quadrant you have the Es and Ss, employees and the self-employed, who exchange their time for money.

On the right side of the quadrant you have the Bs and Is, or big business owners and full-time investors. Bs and Is don’t work for money, instead they have money work for them.

Regardless of which side of the quadrant you belong, your financial report card can be determined by looking at your personal financial statement.

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