June 7, 2019

Episode 555 Scott Adams: MAGA Hats, How to Get RICH From News Bubbles, Digital Babies, Insult News

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China treats the religion of Muslim Uighurs as an “Idea virus”
Joe Biden’s climate policy plagiarism
A 2020 version of the 2016 MAGA hat that’s invulnerable
The perpetual diamond illusion…watch “reality” change
Netflix “central park 5” mini-series, will it be anti-Trump?
HBO’s Chernobyl…so nuclear power won’t be developed?
CNN fact-free opinion articles: where are the reasons and evidence?
What is the biological basis for reproduction?
Does television have a future, and for how much longer?
Fatherless children are finding father figures online, is that good?
Compensating for social media bias…and getting RICH off it
CVS “Health Hubs” are a cost-lowering concept

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