May 23, 2019

How to Close a Deal in Network Marketing – The 2-Step Close

Learn how to close a deal in network marketing, use this simple 2-step Close!

If you understand marketing, the more you can assume the close, the more likely you are to actually close the person and get them started.

Once someone is done watching a video, seeing a presentation, attending an event, whatever it is, what’s next?

As soon as it’s over, you’re going to ask them: “Awesome, right? What did you like best?”

This elicits a positive response.

Once they tell you what they liked best, the next step is to say, “Sounds to me like you’re ready to get started.”

Then shut up!

It takes a person, on average, about 4-8 seconds to decide whether they want to spend a good chunk of money.

The average salesperson will not allow more than 2-3 seconds of silence before they interrupt because they don’t like the pressure.

By not liking the pressure, it costs you the sale.

Change your mindset. Change your programming. Decide that you love the pressure and see what’s happens!

Make Life An Adventure!
Matt Morris
#1 Best Selling Author


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