May 9, 2019

4 Minute GOOGLE ADWORDS Setup + Tutorial

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I made almost $2M online revenue from my first company, BDancewear. Most of the traffic came from Google AdWords.

Setting it up is so easy and I’ll show you a step by step guide in just 4 minutes!

1. Keyword Research – When someone searches a keyword, it would bring traffic to your website. Think of all the keywords your potential customers would search for to find your product.

2. Set Up The Campaign – You’ll want to put the keyword you want to show up for in ‘Campaign Name’. Tick off search partners but don’t tick off display network. Then, choose which location you would want to prioritize, the language, the budget, and how much you would pay when someone clicks on your link.

3. Set Up The Ad Group – Next, add in your ad group name. When adding your keywords, keep in mind the different types of keyword matches: keyword = broad match, “keyword” = phrase match, [keyword] = exact match.

4. Write The Ad Copy – After that, you’ll be directed into creating a new ad. Here, you’ll want to add in three headlines. The whole point of headlines is to capture people’s attention. When adding your URL, don’t waste time adding the home page, instead make sure to input the product page already.

Another tip is to look at the ad copies of your competitors and create a copy that would stand out.

5. Add Negative Keywords – The last thing is adding your negative keywords. Here, you’ll want to add the keywords you wouldn’t want to show up for. For example, my target location is the US, so when someone searches ‘Keto Snack Australia’, my ad would not show up for that.

6. Go Through Keywords – Go through your keywords one by one and add them to new campaigns and ads. It’s exactly the same process as Step 1 but keep in mind that if a certain keyword is almost the same as an existing campaign, just put it under that similar campaign. But if the keyword is different from the existing campaigns, then create a new one.

7. Make a Split Test – Make sure you create 2 or more ads. You’ll then be able to split test the ad copy and see which one performs the best.

8. Link To Google Analytics – Make sure to link your Google AdWords to your Google Analytics!

BONUS TIP: Go to devices and adjust your bid for mobile and tablets. What I recommend is decreasing the bid to 50% for mobile and tablet. Of course this still depends on you, so test it out and see what works best for you.

What Type Of Campaigns Should You Run?

Generic Search Terms
Specific Names
Competitors Names and Terms
Similar Products

Lesson I learned for the week: Follow your bliss.


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