April 6, 2019

The Superbosses Playbook

“The companion workbook to Dartmouth professor Sydney Finkelstein’s acclaimed Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent. Superbosses explained how industry legends like football coach Bill Walsh, television executive Lorne Michaels, restaurateur Alice Waters, and fashion pioneer Ralph Lauren find, nurture, and lead employees. Now, The Superbosses Playbook shows readers how to apply the tactics of these “superbosses” in their own organizations. The Superbosses Playbook features assessments, case studies, and exercises designed to help anyone recruit talent, lead performance, inspire teams, and even part with great people like a true superboss. For instance, Finkelstein includes assessments of your superboss score and templates for interviewing and evaluating new hires. This workbook will help you learn and apply the secrets of iconic business leaders. BASED ON AN ACCLAIMED BOOK: Superbosses was based on over a decade of Finkelstein’s original research. The Superbosses Playbook is a hands-on guide to implementing the lessons from Finkelstein’s huge body of research. ACCESSIBLE FORMAT: This workbook offers lessons from Finkelstein’s comprehensive research in a digestible and easily accessible format. Readers have been fascinated by the stories and insights in Superbosses; now, this companion workbook takes Superbosses’s findings to the next step by helping readers apply them to their own lives. CLIENT DEMAND: Finkelstein developed the assessments and exercises in this workbook based on client demand and feedback. They’ve been field-tested and refined based on the needs of real aspiring-superbosses”–

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