February 27, 2019

AdWords Optimization Tutorial – Live AdWords Coaching & Audit

In this AdWords optimization tutorial, watch as Ryan walks through Courtenay’s account, helping her optimize her AdWords campaigns for the best ROI and maximum effectiveness. Timestamps:
0:00 Start by finding what’s worked before
0:34 Why your branding campaign is a top performer
4:05 The importance of targeting cold traffic
5:30 Broad match optimizing
6:18 Analyzing a converting keyword
6:50 Mind Mapping a campaign
7:23 Small Company/Solopreneur Budget strategy
11:56 Further Keyword analysis
13:36 Are sales keywords doing well
14:23 The balance of structure
14:48 Google shopping
18:38 Hiring a marketing company with a small scale budget
21:40 AdWords for just starting out vs. established business
22:09 Looking at remarketing
24:26 Negative Audience
25:23 The campaign plan
28:45 What numbers are important when looking at an AdWords report
30:03 Looking closer into Keyword data
31:43 Taking a look at what info can be ignored
32:23 Discussing the filtering process
36:38 Paring down the campaigns
38:49 Going forward
39:58 Different philosophies
41:23 2-3 weeks down the road
43:01 Deciding not to bid on a popular keyword
45:57 Working out the AdWords muscle
46:50 A practical life example of Google AdWord insight
49:06 Supplemental Action
49:05 Best book on AdWords to speed up learning

One of the keys to optimizing your AdWords account is knowing and following the rule of 80/20.

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