February 12, 2019

The Three Core Funnels – Russell Brunson

The Three Core Funnels – Russell Brunson. To learn more about Genius Network® click here:

What if every time you gave a book away (for free), you generated $238 in income? You’ve heard of sales funnels and have probably heard of, but in this 10 minute talk, Russell Brunson wants you to understand the concept of “Funnel Stacking.” Learn the 3 core funnels and how they work together, how to take any product or service you have and catapult your sales, an amazing upsell strategy, and more.

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels and the author of the bestselling books DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets.


“The person who can spend the most money to acquire a customer always wins.” -Dan Kennedy 3:10
The concept of the value ladder. 3:30
“Business is about giving value and ascension.” -Russell Brunson 5:20
“If you give somebody a great experience, what naturally happens? They want more!” -Russell Brunson 5:30
How to set up the tripwire funnel. 6:10
The breakdown of the numbers at each stage of Russell’s tripwire funnel. 6:35
Why Russell can spend $31.10 in advertising to give away a free book. 8:30
Looking at Life Time Value of a customer can lead you to make stupid decisions. 8:55
“If I don’t break even on day 1 I don’t do the campaign or funnel, ” Russell Brunson 9:05
The right bait is what will get the customer in the door. 9:20
The Webinar funnel. 10:05
“Curiosity is the key to get people in.” -Russell Brunson 10:15
The breakdown of the webinar funnel. 10:25
The High Ticket Funnel. 11:30


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