January 28, 2019

Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate marketing is hot; here’s how to get your programgoing Nearly every retailer in the Internet Retailers’ Top 500 has anaffiliate marketing program. Now free affiliate networks,automation software, and pay-for-performance compensation modelsare making it easy for small businesses to take advantage of thismarketing tool. In the popular An Hour a Day format, thisguide features a detailed, real-world, task-based approach todeveloping, launching, and managing a successful affiliatemarketing program. It explores market research, determining paymentmodels and reporting guidelines, recruiting affiliates, craftingappropriate communications, and much more. Affiliate marketing programs help boost marketing effortswithout incurring excessive costs; this Hour a Day guideprovides everything merchants, business owners, and those chargedwith managing an affiliate program need to know Offers a modern, real-world, step-by-step guide to researching,launching, managing, and optimizing a successful affiliatemarketing program Covers social media; creating policies; working with feeds,coupons, widgets, and video; creating compelling content; handlingpartners who are not meeting goals; and much more Affiliate Program Management: An Hour a Day is thedo-it-yourself guide to planning and maintaining a successfulaffiliate program.

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