January 15, 2019

Brand Against the Machine

Ditch traditional corporate branding to create a powerful,recognizable brand Brand Against the Machine offers proven and actionablesteps for companies and entrepreneurs to increase their brandvisibility and credibility, and to create an indispensable brandthat consumers can relate to, thus becoming life-long customers.Discover the aspirational currency that makes your brand one thatpeople want to be or want to be friends with. Learn how to be realwith your audience and make strategic associations to establishcredibility. Brand Against the Machine will help you standout, get noticed, and be remembered. Brand Against the Machine is the blueprint for how tomarket your brand to attract better clients and stand out from theclutter that is traditional corporate branding and marketing. Instant Positioning Method: How to instantly stand out from thecrowd and position yourself as a resource, not just another serviceprovider The 20/60/20 Rule: Why it’s important to take a stand and whyit’s okay to have haters—because it creates a stronger bondwith those who love you Ditch your traditional corporate branding and marketing, andexchange it for something memorable. Your customers will thank youfor it.

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