November 16, 2018

Is Network Marketing a Legitimate Business, Equity Valuation, & US-China Trade War

Lively call-in discussions on Courageous! Entrepreneur iHeartRadio today (is network marketing a legitimate business and how to get equity not loans when starting a business) along with some inside perspective on the largest trade war in human history – the ongoing US-China Trade War. Get the inside scoop on Kellogg’s Famous Amos cookies, Men’s Warehouse, Universal Studios, and my favorite clothier, Thomas Pink! Sponsored by Wyn Experiences​, Nick McCarthy​ #NewYorkLife, and Tomkos Tavern​.

Recognized as “Top 100 Most Influential Floridians” of 2015, America’s CEO, Dr. Roberts is the Founder/CEO of Roberts & Lowe and Courageous!, and is the former CEO of the Hoverboard company – the single, hottest, global consumer product of 2015. He was a featured keynote speaker at Harvard University, nominated for the Central Command Civilian Task Force with the Department of Defense, an advisor to the Top 20 Startup companies in the world, author of 4 best-selling international books on business and entrepreneurship, provides counsel and crisis management to high profile individuals and corporations, and host of the CEO Cruise.

Courageous! is the “Camp David for Entrepreneurs” and solves the #1 productivity killer in business today – depression and anxiety. Courageous! provides an elegant, rustic, equestrian experience for business people to address stress, depression, and anxiety, while getting counsel and crisis management historically reserved for high profile individuals and companies.

He’s the host of the nationally-syndicated iHeartRadio show, Courageous! Entrepreneur Radio.

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