November 13, 2018

Funny Status Updates for Facebook

How to Make Your Friends LOL and Get More likes on Your Facebook Status Updates From the editor of one of the world’s largest Facebook fan pages,, comes a hysterical gem of a book. Get on board with the hottest Facebook trends, spice up your status updates and be a part of an overall funnier Facebook world. Every status post is under scrutiny for entertainment value. Don’t be boring! Learn how to create hilarious, witty, top status updates and get more LIKEs! Find out about topics to avoid (everyday life=not interesting) and topics to hone in on (babies, pets, food). Learn about what NOT to do (post irrelevant song lyrics or ambiguous one worders). Avoid embarrassment and create status updates that stand out. Ensure that YOUR status updates are comedic gold–liked, commented on, reposted and talked about for years to come. Facebook notoriety awaits. Visit for more ridiculously funny status updates.

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