November 9, 2018

5 Simple Ways to Improve AdWords Click-Through Rate – Improve Google Ads CTR for Search Campaigns

Discover 5 Simple Ways to Improve AdWords Click-Through Rate. You can Improve Google Ads CTR for Search Campaigns. When you are running Google AdWords search campaigns, you need a strong Click-Through Rate (CTR). We show you how to increase clicks on your Google ads by using the best CTR optimization strategies.

This video is geared towards beginners who need some simple ways to improve CTR. Improving your Google Ads Click-Through Rate is not always an easy task, but there are some quick fixes, hacks, strategies, and ideas that will increase CTR.

You might be asking questions like How do I improve my google ads clicks? How can I get more clicks on my Google ads? How can I increase my CTR without raising bids? We give you some helpful tips and strategies to improve your click-through rate.

How to Increase Your Google AdWords Click-Through Rate:

1 – Add negative keywords

Irrelevant or Broad negative keywords can decrease your click-through rate drastically and have a negative impact on your campaign.

2 – Understand Auction Insights

Auction insights can tell you where you need to improve, specifically your Impression Share, Average Position, and Top of Page Rate. If you are below all of your competitors, then you need to organize your campaign and continue to keep everything relevant and targeted to improve quality score.

3 – Increase Your Bids to a Competitive Level

If your bids are below the first page bid, you are going to have trouble competing in the Google AdWords ad auction, regardless of your quality score.

4 – Optimize Your Text Ads by using the latest ad formats and making them as relevant as possible

Use the latest text ad formats, create relevant ads based on the keywords you are targeting, and create at least 3 ads per ad group. Google will automatically serve the best performing ads, so there is no downside to creating different ads and seeing what your customers interact with the most.

5 – Optimize your Ad Extensions

We all want to get more clicks on our Google AdWords ads. That’s why we give you expert tips based on our expertise and experience. If you want more PPC traffic with your current keywords, dynamic ad targeting and audience ad targets, we can help you with our beginners tips to get your CTR higher.

In order to optimize your campaign, you need some clicks, impressions and campaign data. Once you start driving conversions like sales or leads, you can see what works best within your campaign, what is returning you a positive ROI, and what is dragging down your campaign. Once you start getting PPC data from Google Ads and Bing Ads, you can easily start to optimize Click-Through rate and your conversion rate.

Click-Through Rate’s Impact on Quality Score and Ad Rank:

Your Ad Rank is calculated by your bid and your quality score. A higher quality score can help you bid lower and achieve the same results. Improving your Click-Through Rate is one of the best ways to improve your Quality Score. If you can improve your Click-Through Rate, improve your Landing Page experience, and optimize your Ad Relevance, you can achieve a quality score of 10/10. Then, you can actually bid less than competitors and still achieve a higher Ad Rank, which is why Quality Score is so important for optimizing your campaigns.

When your Click-Through Rate (CTR) goes up, your cost-per-click will likely start to decrease. That’s why we focus on improving Expected CTR every single week. Increasing CTR for PPC is not easy, so you absolutely need to work at it.

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