October 16, 2018

I’m Tryna Get Rich ? You Trying To Look Rich ?

Bad investments

Ladies u can’t buy that $2500 purse if u not netting atleast $15,000 month

I rather u go to Walmart and get a $10 purse with $2490 in it

Lots of women go to the store to buy shit they can’t afford.

They get addicted to expensive lifestyles
Lifestyles that require more than what they bank statements attain

U have to be making 10x more than what u spend on depreciating assets

A lot of women get purses to impress other people that ain’t got shit either

A lot of Niggaz buy these women expensive purses but don’t teach them women how to earn their own money to buy their own purse

These designer stores are made for the 3% Population that can afford it

That’s why Gucci , LV , Chanel or Versace don’t make commercials

The people that can’t afford these things are not home watching tv

The people that can afford them are running corporations or busy in meetings all day

While the working man struggling to pay his bills and survive
But he’d rather look rich than actually get rich for real

The rich that can afford these things enjoy the power of knowing they can buy it but rather not

Materials Depreciate but equity don’t

U out here getting this street money
U need to do more with it than buying designer shit

Niggaz go to jail or get killed and leave his kids a whole bunch of Gucci

U can’t be at Bentley paying $200k for a car when u are only netting $10k a month

Every mile u put on that car depreciate it’s value

If I’m still living in the projectz what the hell im doing in Mercedes , Bentley , BMW or Lexus

My first expensive purchase should not be a care it should be a house

They will make cars forever but they can’t make no more land

Think investment before you spend money
I guarantee you will wined up saving more than u waste

Niggaz sell pills , weed , powder and crack
But still don’t have a car or a house

Meet me by my mama house
Meet me by my auntie house
Meet me by my grandma house head ass

Niggaz ain’t got no car to deliver the dope to u

That’s why they made that song PLUG WALK

he really meant that

These niggaz always need a ride
They ain’t got no uber because they ain’t put no money on the pre paid card

The pre paid card was just for the phone bill and the lil $40 hotel room he living in and a lil MC Donald’s


Sometimes when u go get the shit
They ain’t even got no ziplocks or baggies

U got to put the shit in a dollar bill or break peice off a plastic bag to put the shit in

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