September 14, 2018

Ways To Make Money Online Fast From Home 2018 | Build Get Rich Fast System With SALE FUNNEL

Ways To Make Money Online Fast From Home 2018

LESSON 4 : Build Get Rich Fast System With SALE FUNNEL
Lesson 2: Affiliate Marketing Choose Niche Keywords
Lesson 3: Research your ideas –
Lesson 1: Research your Niche to make money with affiliate marketing –
This video will help you build sale funnel to make money online fast from home

“Back-end Strategy”
Using Back-end Products to Create Lifetime Customers
What is Next?
You did it…. You got a visitor to sign up on your squeeze page. You have even converted them to a sale and have a real paying customer.
Now it’s time for your “Back-end Strategy Plan”
Having a Backend Strategy: Benefits
• Higher overall profits
• Higher quality customers
• Better JV partners
• Speaking opportunities
• Differentiation
• Less competition
• Bigger impact on clients
• Fewer customer service issues
• Better testimonials
• Guru status
• Creative compensation
• Higher credibility
The Big Marketers Myth
Myth: Create a one-hundred page ebook, sell it for $37, and make a fortune
Truth: One ebook does not contain the key to make you rich! Youll be lucky if you break even
Right now, many successful people online are losing
money on that first product that you see.
that’s why you have to learn Back-end Strategies
If you think a fortune is $1 million,
then you will have to sell 27,028 ebooks…
Not going to happen… ever… sorry!
Even if you think a fortune is $100,000,
you would still have to sell 2703 ebooks,
which is almost impossible as well.
Backend Marketing
Describes strategies for generating sales of additional products to an existing customer list
Extremely important for long-term business growth and overall success
Inexpensive form of marketing. The largest expense relating to marketing (customer acquisition) has already been incurred
Response rates and conversions will typically be much higher,: Customers already know, respect, and trust you
Tips for Successful Backend
The primary product must be of the highest quality.
Customer service and support are key.
Make sure that the additional product is related.
Properly positioned in the mind of customer
What Type of Products or Services Can
I Use In My Backend Strategy?
• Bootcamps
• Workshops
• Coaching programs
• Home study courses
• Field trips
• Do-it-for-them services
• Membership sites
• Physical version of your digital product
• Consider breaking your product into two separate offers
• And much, much, more…
Offer the “What comes next?”

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