September 10, 2018

Handbook on E-marketing for Tourism Destinations

The fully updated and extended editions of the ETC/UNWTO Handbook on E-marketing for tourism destinations presents a comprehensive overview of the continously changing environment of e-marketing in the tourism sector. This handbook covers all essential aspects of an e-marketing strategy including strategic planning, branding measures, content-building, search engine optimization, e-commerce and email marketing. It also includes valuable information on how to use e-marketing as a way to collaborate with the travel trade and the media alongside recommendations for crisis communication. In view of the rapid expansion fo new technologies in the tourism sector, the Handbook also provides practical information on latest trends and developments in mobile marketing and social media, as well as detailed insight into the measurement of effective e-marketing strategies using the latest technologies. It further outlines current best practices in the field of destination e-marketing and provides destination marketers with a legal framework for their online marketing activities.

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