August 24, 2018

Stop Trying to Get Rich Quick! ? These Things Take Time…

Stop trying to get rich quick. PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MORE Things take time to happen and you need to give your strategy enough time to work.

Do you have a healthy time horizon? The immediate conclusion that many traders think this is about is about ‘on a trade level’. I do mean that in one perspective but strategy is more important.

If you’re a day trader you want to exit your trades by the end of the day, if you’re a swing trader you want to hold your trades for multiple days or weeks or even months.

But they key here is to look at what you’re doing and analyse whether you’re trying to get rich quick without realising…

As human being we have a tendency to want to get the good things quickly and we should be very aware of that and we need to be careful that this doesn’t follow into our own trading.

On a trade level you take the trade and you expect it to hit it 20% up on in the next 6 months as a swing trader. You start to get a little bit profit early on and you’re tempted to grab those profits as the market moved favourably fast. Unfortunately, what you are doing here is undoing the possibility of having that longer term success.

Are you giving your strategy sufficient time? Most people give a strategy 5 or 6 tries and skip to another one if it starts failing early. Give it time to work by dialling down the risk. Or perhaps the system is okay but it needs a few tweaks to make it even better.

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