June 12, 2018

Local Online Marketing

For Small Business Owners Who Are Losing Money To Online Price-Slashing Competitors! Stop Wasting Money And Time On Facebook, and Twitter. Social Media Is Not How To build Your Local Business. Local Online Marketing was written specifically for the small business owner that has a retail store or service business serving their local area….and nobody else. Your Advertising Sales Reps Are Lying To You! Stop being an advertising victim! Are you tired of buying advertising that delivers nothing except excuses from the advertising rep? All that ends now. Do you own a small business and want to increase the number of customers you get from online advertising? Do you want more internet generated leads for your business? It’s no longer enough to have a website and hope that people find you online. You have to be online, everywhere your customers are looking. Take Back All The “Loyal” Customers You Have Lost To Online Pirates, And More Discover How Just Five Minutes A Day Will Get You The Following; Multiple page one Google search results for your local business. Online business listings that get you found On Google. Your website seen in multiple local Google searches. The best ways to get top Google Plus Local listings How to quickly dominate YouTube search results..Make your videos go viral! How to use your competitor’s advertising to bring real buyers to your business. How to beat your competition. Get your business found first in any online search The best types of YouTube videos to attract customers like a magnet. The proven ways to make your business easy to find for local online shoppers. Why does it take only five minutes a day? Because you won’t be doing all the things that don’t work. “I Found You Online”. Do You Want To Hear That Far More Often? You must be where your customers are looking. And that’s on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Online advertising is where you will get the best results, and at the lowest cost. Invest just 5 minutes a day following this guide, and you’ll get everything you need to get your business seen online by local buyers. Use what you learn in this “Packed to the gills”manual, and you can hit the ground running. Claude Whitacre owns a successful retail store in the small college town of Wooster Ohio. Using print and broadcast advertising, he built his business by an average of 81% a year for eight years. Then in 2007 the economy crashed, and his business suffered (just like all the rest of us). Who is Claude Whitacre? Claude discovered local online marketing. After three years of trying social media, Pay Per Click ads, and wasting thousands of dollars on what the Guru’s taught, Claude finally cracked the code. Now, his local business is still growing, and his only advertising is now online..and it’s free. In 2011 Claude Started Local Profit Geyser, to help small business owners fight back the big box stores and online giants that are taking their business. Claude is also author of the book The Unfair Advantage Small Business Advertising Manual.

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