May 30, 2018

Marketing Funnels: Simple Steps To Create Funnels That Convert

Marketing Funnels: Simple Steps To Create Funnels That Convert
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Hey hey! Welcome to episode 177 of Life on Fire. If you’ve ever struggled to create a marketing funnel, and to bring in your ideal clients today’s episode is going to rock your world!

Russell Brunson of Click Funnels attended our recent Life on Fire event and he spent over an hour talking about the simplest, most specific tactics to use when marketing online. And we are bringing it to you in today’s show.

He sheds light on why he keeps things so simple with his funnels, what the secret formula is for bringing in your ideal clients, how to capture compelling video testimonial using only your phone, and how to take people up your value ladder.

In this episode you’ll hear:

• The formula to attract ideal clients and repel all others. (14:55)
• How to properly capture a video testimonial, step by step. (27:55)
• What are the three core funnels? (39:25)
• Most of your customers want to buy from you unless what? Russell answers. (43:30)
• What is funnel hacking and how do you do it? Russell’s three step process. (51:25)
• And so much more!

Russell gave an incredible amount of value from stage, so much so I wanted to share it with you in this show. The first thing he talks about is keeping his funnels simple. Remember this is a man with access to thousands of entrepreneurs’ data so when he says he does something there’s a solid reason for it!

To keep his funnels simple he starts with one of the key components of his dot com secret blueprint: the secret formula. This is the formula to use so you can work with only your ideal clients (and repel everyone else).

The formula boils down to this: who, where, bait and result. First you must know who you are excited to work with, where they are so you can connect with them, then what bait to offer (what will get them excited to have from you) and finally the result you’re going to provide for them.

Russell explains each stage of the formula and gives specific examples from his own experience and his clients’ experiences.

On today’s show he also walks you through each step of how to capture compelling video testimonials (and why). As he explains you don’t need a big camera crew to shoot a great video: you need a nice background, proper positioning of your interviewee (they should be off-center) and then you must ask them certain questions.

When you have all of these plus a little editing and good music you’ve got an incredible video testimonial. Russell tells what video testimonials have done for him, including one he shows that has generated nearly $1 million in revenue for his coaching business. That portion of the show alone is a game-changer!

In keeping with his philosophy of simplicity for funnels recommends choosing one of these three funnels, building it up and focusing on it until it is generating a million dollars for your business. Then you can pick a second funnel and repeat the process. Finally move on to the third funnel and follow through by building, focusing and growing it to a million dollars or more.

As if that wasn’t enough Russell also explains how to funnel hack in three steps, what it is and why you should do it. He gives examples from his own life and shares what’s he’s learned along the way.

This is an episode fully loaded with fun, useful information you can start implementing right away. Get out your pen and paper, take notes while you listen in. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time on Life on Fire.


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